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Valk Exclusief Ambassador

Especially for you as a loyal guest: Surprise friends, family and colleagues with an exclusive discount for every night at the Valk Exclusive hotels.


The benefits of Valk Ambassador

  • Exclusive discount for family and friends
  • € 5 Valk Bonus per registered friend
  • Ambassadors Loyal credit as friends spend the night
Exclusive discounts? Become an ambassador

Exclusive discounts? Become an ambassador

Receive € 5 Valk Bonus per acquaintance who creates a free Valk Account on your invitation and another € 5 Valk Loyal credit for everyone who subsequently booked with this account and spent the night.

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  • What is ValkBonus?

    We are happy to give you, as our guest, an extra gift. For example, we have already launched various campaigns with our partners. Do you want to know more about the ValkBonus action program? Read it on the next page...

  • Register your account now

    With a Valk Exclusive Account you can immediately use the Valk Loyal benefits! Don't wait any longer and sign up. You will then always be the first to benefit from the best deals that Valk Exclusive hotels have to offer.

How does Valk Ambassador work?

How does Valk Ambassador work?

See an example of how the Valk Ambassadors program works here.

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